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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a phrase with many meanings. Allegations of domestic violence can be added to other crimes, including various assaults, and even property crimes. Domestic violence charges can arise between family members, people living together, or people in romantic relationships. What many people don’t know is that in some areas whenever police are called to respond to allegations of domestic violence they are mandated to make an arrest, no matter the circumstances. For this reason, domestic violence charges are often brought on behalf of people who never intended them to be brought. Other complications often arise, such as a No Contact Order, and the effect on families can be extreme, affecting housing and child custody. Alleged victims are often family members, and sometimes are opposed to the prosecution. It is important for an attorney responding to such charges to be sensitive to the needs of all parties to the matter. Jeff has the experience to know the implications of a domestic violence designation, and how to deal with the case, and the client, appropriately.

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